Intercommunication System

01 Overview

INTERCOM device with code INTD0906 is intercommunication system for the elevator. This device provides the necessary connection, according to EN81-28, for the direct communication of the person trapped in the cabin of the elevator, with the rescue team in the Machine Room.


The small size of the device makes it ideal for mounting on control panels with very small space such as MRL. This device is compatible with all types of emergency phones used inside the cabin.

The device is designed to meet the requirements of the European Directive

02 Technical Features

Power Supply 12-24 V DC
Power consumption 1.5W (average) in 12VDC input
Microphone/Loudspeaker Type Typical 4pin for mobile headset
Headset Output Power Stereo up to 2x75mW
User Interface Indicator white LED and pressure button for operations
Operation Temperature 0-60°C
Humidity Level 10-80% (non condensing)
Dimension(exterior) 90 x 62 x 13,1 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 350gr