About US


Pelekis Electronics was founded in 1989 aiming on the development, industrial production and disposal of electronics.
Our facilities are located in Attica on two privately-owned modern industrial buildings .
Our company supply with electronic boards, leading Greek manufacturers of elevators and crafts manufacturing lighting with LED.
Pelekis Electronics is steadily oriented in constructing quality products and is certified by TUV Austria Hellas according standard ISO 9001/2008 the last seven years.
Pelekis Electronics with over 10 years of export activity in European countries is capable of supporting its products with three-year warranty and unlimited warranty on all products in the elevator department.


Pelekis Electronics is a Family Business partnership passed from father to son with a successful transition to sibling generation leadership. The organization chart of the company defines the roles of the employees and places responsibilities with meritocracy.

Our manufacturing process is divided into three major areas, perfectly connected to each other, Elevators, LED lighting and HVAC. Each department has specialized staff, always willing to serve the customer at every demand. All three segments together, provide a complete project giving the opportunity to our clients to find what they want for their constructions using only one supplier.

We have established a well-functioning team with common values, vision, and goals. Our mission is to constantly improve our business and that is what makes us successful as a team.

Decisions are made in collaboration with others, bearing in mind all priorities. Respect, trust and years of experience give the best result.


Having 28 years of life (established in 1989) “Pelekis Electronics” has become a leader in The Greek market.

In the section of elevators “Pelekis Electronics” has gained a trustful brand name and prevailed on all competition. Cooperating with greatest Greek companies through the years and accomplishing every project assigned we managed to build a great reputation.

In Olympic Games in ‘Athens 2004’ ,we were the major supplier of electronics for elevator and everything was perfectly executed with responsibility and professionalism..

Led Lighting the last 10 years and HVAC department from 2012, also have major business success , all around Greece.

Nothing succeeds like success…

The last 15 years, “Pelekis Electronics” is known outside Greek boarders, having a great export activity in major Europe countries such as France, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland.

We are also under discussion with international companies from United Arab Emirates, Dubai having great demand on our high quality products.

We attend all important exhibitions around the world to get the latest news and enrich our knowledge around electronics.

Our presence as Exhibitors in Interlift Germany , every 2 years the last 15 years, is an opportunity for us to get together with our existing customers as well as a chance for others to meet us.

380Elevator products
250LED Lights products
70H.V.AC products
700Released Products

Regulations and Certifications

Pelekis Electronics applies a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 Standard, in Design, Assembly & Trade of electronic devices since 2005.

Whether it ιs ISO 9001:2015 or other European Standards and Regulations, ‘Pelekis Electronics’ provides full disclosure on all of our products, as well as quality system certificates.

All of our products are accompanied with CE Marking along with the following European Council Directives:

  • 89/106/EEC of 21 December 1988 (construction products),
  • 89/336/EEC of 3 May 1989 (electromagnetic compatibility),
  • 91/263/EEC of 29 April 1991 (telecommunications terminal equipment, including the mutual recognition of their conformity),
  • 73/23/EEC of 19 February 1973 (electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits)
  • Directive 2014/33/EU for Lifts


Pelekis Electronics’ is known to be a reliable and trustworthy company and have no record of complains registered.

Commitment to our clients is a high priority to our business.

Our focus on keeping realistic timescales, ensure deliveries on time inside the country and abroad also.

Communicating effectively with our clients and keeping status of their projects allows them to plan for other aspects and have no concern on their order schedule.

We do not compromise on our values and rules so we have built a reliable reputation.

We do not trust words, we trust actions.