Светодиодное освещение кабин

01 Overview

The device FRWD0805 is designed to replace the conventional light bulbs in the elevator cab with lighting technology LED. The device is equipped with Switching power supply (SMPS), for supercharging the protection circuits, fast switching to battery operation in case of power loss from device, intelligent battery recharging system, closed-12V lead battery, Dimmer on the economic operation of the device with a programmable time delay and two different operating modes. Finally, the device has a continuous monitoring of battery status system.

02 Features

  • Until 6 Pelekis Electronics LED spot driving ability.
  • Brightness adjustment in normal mode and economy mode(ECO).
  • Battery 12V / 1,3 Ah for security system.
  • Smart battery charging system.
  • Until 3 hours of autonomy in 6 LED spots.
  • Ability 10-70 minute delay between the 2 functions.
  • Various light operating systems (including normal and emergency operation).
  • Dry touch relay to start the operation.
  • DC output protection for cases of excessive voltage or current.
  • AC input protection for cases of excessive voltages and current.

03 Specifications

Model FRWD0805
Power Supply 240V AC
Outputs Leading until 6 Pelekis Electronics LED spots
  • Normal: It comes into effect when there is a power supply in the device.
  • Economic: It comes into effect when there is no power supply to the device and therefore the device is powered from the battery.
Autonomy Up to 3 hours of continuous operation and driving of 6 Spots

04 Download

05 Certifications