Continuously refreshed technological equipment empowers us to move forward in new high-end devices and innovations following the global pace.
Automated super fast production lines combined with the human power help us offer to our customers the finest and fastest services available.
Highly qualify staff is always part of the production to ensure the best performance of production process and so the best quality of your products.

Modern Technological Equipment

Since technology is our passion we continuously aim to use it as much as possible. Our production process is fully based on 3 fully automated SMT lines. This process requires 3 different steps which have to be independently and high precisely completed. PCB paste printing, SMT assembly and 5-stages SMT soldering oven are there to ensure guaranteed quality.
Furthermore, our technological equipment also includes high power Cutting laser machines which can handle every type of material, iron, aluminum, glass, wood, plastic, & plexi-glass  included.
Our passion for customization motivated us to offer flexibility and prototyping on our designs through our Surface UV printer.

Super-fast Production Lines

Following the global fast way of working pace, our company helps its customer to be delivered with high quality products on the fastest available way. Our modernized technological equipment combined with the expertise staff offer our customers the possibility to provide as soon as possible solutions to their market.
We believe that, our customers’ delivery timings make them stronger to the global market so we are continuously trying to deliver their goods the fastest possible no matter if it is big or small productions. Flexibility is our mentality so we aim to give quick solutions on every big or small production possibly obstacle.

Human Factor

Human factor is an integral part of every process in our company.

We believe that even if the machine flood the world, human factor should never vanish from technological production processes. For this reason, our production is continuously supervised from highly qualified staff ensuring the better result.

It should also be mentioned, that our company counts a separate department of human staff which are responsible for every non-SMT assembly requirements processes. Through whole assembly processes, product customizations, complex checking operations and smart packaging are still handled by human hands.