RT Electronic Room Thermostats

03 General characteristics

  • For use in heating installations with any fuel
  • Rotary controller setup knob • Differential -0.4⁰C
  • External ON-OFF switch • Heating system operation LED
  • Operating voltage 230 V AC (RT-1, RT-2, RT-CH) & alkaline AAA batteries (RT-1B)
  • 6A / 250VAC relay dry contact (RT-1, RT-2, RT-CH) & 4 (2) A for (RT-1B)
  • Independent external circuit breaker for DHW, DHW operating system LED (RT-2)
  • Independent external switch for switching from heating to cooling and vice versa, thermostat function LED for cooling systems.
  • Electronic Room Thermostat
  • Electronic room Battery Thermostat
  • Electronic Room Thermostat with Extra Independent Command
  • Electronic room Thermostat winter – summer