3 Point Communication System

01 Overview

The INTD0904 is an electronic device which can call up to 4 ( four ) stored telephone numbers in case of emergency in elevators, using a single push button for operation.
The INTD0904 can be placed on top, bottom, or both to the elevator car accordingly.
The INTD0904 does not require other power source than a telephone line, in order to function properly.

02 Specifications

Model INTP0904
Input Telephone line self powered, or 12 to 48VDC
Audio controls Microphone to Loudspeaker balance trimmer
Microphone sensitivity – 46dB ± 2.0, ( 0 dB = 1V / Pa ) at 1K Hz.
Loudspeaker sensitivity 91dBA (@ 10cm)
Dimensions 103x184x24
Weight 350gr

03 Download

04 Certifications