Recessed Furniture Downlight LED 2,7W

01 Overview

Χωνευτό Φωτιστικό Επίπλου Downlight LED 2,7W 230V Χαμηλού προφίλ

02 Technical Features

  • Ideal for adapting to any kind of furniture application.
  • Energy saving up to 95%.
  • No IR and UV radiation.
  • Mercury free.
Nominal power consumption 2,7W
Rated power consumption 2,7W
Nominal Operating Voltage 210…240V
Lamp equivalent 50W
Rated efficacy 145 lm/W
Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
Operating current 0,086Α
Power Factor  0,99
Beam angle 120 °
Number of LEDs 48
Nominal luminous flux (6000K) 391lm
Rated luminous flux (6000K) 391lm
Color Temperature 2700K 4000K 6000Κ

Rated Lifetime: 50.000 hrs

  • Diameter Luminaire: 70 mm
  • Diameter Hole Cutting : 57 mm
Watts Luminous flux Color Temp CRI
2.7W 351lm 3000K 80
2.7W 365lm 4000K 80
2.7W 391lm 6000K 75

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