Shaft LED Light System

01 Overview

The LED Shaft Light System with Emergency backup, is a complete solution,
which consists of various parts provided from Intelco Electronics Co.
Our provides a LED light over the shaft pit, for the installation personnel or
the service operator, and ON/OFF switch access by 2 points. There is an option for a 3rd
power on/off switch which can be installed on top of the cabin.
In a case of a power AC failure, the system switches automatically to battery
backed LED light, and can achieve up to 3 hours light autonomy

02 Features

  • 230V & 12V operation.
  • Three(3) hours battery autonomy.
  • Normal operation LED light of 150 Lux.
  • Emergency operation LED light of 15 Lux.
  • High efficiency LEDs 150 lumen/watt.
  • IP65 boxes.
  • Weatherproof connectors.

03 Specifications

Model Shaft Light System
Power Supply 230V AC 50Hz
On board battery type Sealed Lead Acid GEL type 12V/3.2Ah
Battery charger type 2 Step bulk charge
Power consumption 10W peak (Bulk charging), 3W(Standby)
Operation temperature 0-80°C
Operation humidity 10-80% (non condensing)

04 Download

05 Certifications