iButton Access Control System


01 Description

The INTD1004 device is a user friendly access system with an iButton type key. The device can be programmed to give access for up to 512 user keys to one dry contact output relay.

Thus it is a “Multiple to one” type system. In each time, the user can store or delete a user key to/from the system’s memory with a simple push button press.

Used to:

– Elevator.
– Personnel access control.
– VIP access control.
– Residential building access control.
– Electronic lock.
– Usage for Professional/Personal automobile and machinery.

02 Technical Specifications

Model INTD1004
Working voltage From 12 to 24VDC
Consumption 0.5W (average) at 12VDC input
Key type iButton standard 64bit ROM key
User keys support Up to 512 user keys
Relay “ON time” Adjustable from 0.5 sec (min.) – 8 sec (max.)
Outputs 1 Dry contact relay 5V (NO/COM/NC) with 1A per contact typical current handling
Operating temperature 0-60°C
Operating humidity 10-80%
PCB dimensions 56x53x20 mm (W x D x H)
iButton installation hole diameter 18mm

Weight (Total/w probe) 250 grams.