01 Overview

The RED PHONE device with code INTD0900 Light is an electronic device which can call up to 4 ( four ) predefined numbers in case of emergency in elevators. The device is placed in the elevator car and can achieve two-way communication be-tween the trapped passenger and the rescue service.

02 Specifications

Model INTP0900
Power Supply The device operates autonomously, feed only from the telephone line and it is not necessary batteries or extra power to its basic functions.

  • Exclusively, telephone line
  • Telephone line and 12V for Full Extra Version with relays
Emergency Calls Calls until 4 (four) preset numbers in case of emergency in the elevator cab.
!  Caution: the device is programmed to operate only under the condition that it has at least four emergency numbers in the memory.
  • Relay dry touch
  • Pictograms
  • 12-24VDC input to enable the ΝOT CALL filter *
  • Priority setting between microphone and speaker
  • Emergency Button(button dry touch)
  • Telephone line input from the provider or from GSM terminal.

03 Download